Mortimer, Jennifer

TitleBiological Engr Research Sci
InstitutionLawrence Berkeley National Lab
DepartmentEnviron Genomics & Systems Bio
Address1 Cyclotron Road
Berkeley CA 94720
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    1. Tartaglio V, Rennie EA, Cahoon R, Wang G, Baidoo E, Mortimer J, Cahoon EB, Scheller HV. Glycosylation of inositol phosphorylceramide sphingolipids is required for normal growth and reproduction in Arabidopsis. Plant J. 2017 Jan; 89(2):278-290. PMID: 27643972.
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    2. Lao J, Smith-Moritz AM, Mortimer J, Heazlewood JL. Enrichment of the Plant Cytosolic Fraction. Methods Mol Biol. 2017; 1511:213-232. PMID: 27730614.
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    3. Mortimer J. Structural Analysis of Cell Wall Polysaccharides Using PACE. Methods Mol Biol. 2017; 1544:223-231. PMID: 28050839.
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    4. Rogowski A, Briggs JA, Mortimer J, Tryfona T, Terrapon N, Lowe EC, Baslé A, Morland C, Day AM, Zheng H, Rogers TE, Thompson P, Hawkins AR, Yadav MP, Henrissat B, Martens EC, Dupree P, Gilbert HJ, Bolam DN. Corrigendum: Glycan complexity dictates microbial resource allocation in the large intestine. Nat Commun. 2016 Feb 05; 7:10705. PMID: 26848059; PMCID: PMC4748232.
    5. Rogowski A, Briggs JA, Mortimer J, Tryfona T, Terrapon N, Lowe EC, Baslé A, Morland C, Day AM, Zheng H, Rogers TE, Thompson P, Hawkins AR, Yadav MP, Henrissat B, Martens EC, Dupree P, Gilbert HJ, Bolam DN. Glycan complexity dictates microbial resource allocation in the large intestine. Nat Commun. 2015 Jun 26; 6:7481. PMID: 26112186.
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    6. Dupree R, Simmons TJ, Mortimer J, Patel D, Iuga D, Brown SP, Dupree P. Probing the molecular architecture of Arabidopsis thaliana secondary cell walls using two- and three-dimensional (13)C solid state nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Biochemistry. 2015 Apr 14; 54(14):2335-45. PMID: 25739924.
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    7. Rautengarten C, Ebert B, Moreno I, Temple H, Herter T, Link B, Doñas-Cofré D, Moreno A, Saéz-Aguayo S, Blanco F, Mortimer J, Schultink A, Reiter WD, Dupree P, Pauly M, Heazlewood JL, Scheller HV, Orellana A. The Golgi localized bifunctional UDP-rhamnose/UDP-galactose transporter family of Arabidopsis. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2014 Aug 05; 111(31):11563-8. PMID: 25053812; PMCID: PMC4128141.
    8. Richards SL, Laohavisit A, Mortimer J, Shabala L, Swarbreck SM, Shabala S, Davies JM. Annexin 1 regulates the H2O2-induced calcium signature in Arabidopsis thaliana roots. Plant J. 2014 Jan; 77(1):136-45. PMID: 24180429.
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    9. Rogowski A, Baslé A, Farinas CS, Solovyova A, Mortimer J, Dupree P, Gilbert HJ, Bolam DN. Evidence that GH115 a-glucuronidase activity, which is required to degrade plant biomass, is dependent on conformational flexibility. J Biol Chem. 2014 Jan 03; 289(1):53-64. PMID: 24214982.
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    10. Van Acker R, Vanholme R, Storme V, Mortimer J, Dupree P, Boerjan W. Lignin biosynthesis perturbations affect secondary cell wall composition and saccharification yield in Arabidopsis thaliana. Biotechnol Biofuels. 2013 Apr 26; 6(1):46. PMID: 23622268; PMCID: PMC3661393.
    11. Bromley JR, Busse-Wicher M, Tryfona T, Mortimer J, Zhang Z, Brown DM, Dupree P. GUX1 and GUX2 glucuronyltransferases decorate distinct domains of glucuronoxylan with different substitution patterns. Plant J. 2013 May; 74(3):423-34. PMID: 23373848.
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    12. Wang Y, Mortimer J, Davis J, Dupree P, Keegstra K. Identification of an additional protein involved in mannan biosynthesis. Plant J. 2013 Jan; 73(1):105-17. PMID: 22966747; PMCID: PMC3558879.
    13. Laohavisit A, Shang Z, Rubio L, Cuin TA, Véry AA, Wang A, Mortimer J, Macpherson N, Coxon KM, Battey NH, Brownlee C, Park OK, Sentenac H, Shabala S, Webb AA, Davies JM. Arabidopsis annexin1 mediates the radical-activated plasma membrane Ca²+- and K+-permeable conductance in root cells. Plant Cell. 2012 Apr; 24(4):1522-33. PMID: 22523205; PMCID: PMC3398561.
    14. Anders N, Wilkinson MD, Lovegrove A, Freeman J, Tryfona T, Pellny TK, Weimar T, Mortimer J, Stott K, Baker JM, Defoin-Platel M, Shewry PR, Dupree P, Mitchell RA. Glycosyl transferases in family 61 mediate arabinofuranosyl transfer onto xylan in grasses. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2012 Jan 17; 109(3):989-93. PMID: 22215597; PMCID: PMC3271882.
    15. Mortimer J, Miles GP, Brown DM, Zhang Z, Segura MP, Weimar T, Yu X, Seffen KA, Stephens E, Turner SR, Dupree P. Absence of branches from xylan in Arabidopsis gux mutants reveals potential for simplification of lignocellulosic biomass. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2010 Oct 05; 107(40):17409-14. PMID: 20852069; PMCID: PMC2951434.
    16. Yamaguchi M, Goué N, Igarashi H, Ohtani M, Nakano Y, Mortimer J, Nishikubo N, Kubo M, Katayama Y, Kakegawa K, Dupree P, Demura T. VASCULAR-RELATED NAC-DOMAIN6 and VASCULAR-RELATED NAC-DOMAIN7 effectively induce transdifferentiation into xylem vessel elements under control of an induction system. Plant Physiol. 2010 Jul; 153(3):906-14. PMID: 20488898; PMCID: PMC2899931.
    17. Goubet F, Barton CJ, Mortimer J, Yu X, Zhang Z, Miles GP, Richens J, Liepman AH, Seffen K, Dupree P. Cell wall glucomannan in Arabidopsis is synthesised by CSLA glycosyltransferases, and influences the progression of embryogenesis. Plant J. 2009 Nov; 60(3):527-38. PMID: 19619156.
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    18. Mortimer J, Coxon KM, Laohavisit A, Davies JM. Heme-independent soluble and membrane-associated peroxidase activity of a Zea mays annexin preparation. Plant Signal Behav. 2009 May; 4(5):428-30. PMID: 19816107; PMCID: PMC2676756.
    19. Laohavisit A, Mortimer J, Demidchik V, Coxon KM, Stancombe MA, Macpherson N, Brownlee C, Hofmann A, Webb AA, Miedema H, Battey NH, Davies JM. Zea mays annexins modulate cytosolic free Ca2+ and generate a Ca2+-permeable conductance. Plant Cell. 2009 Feb; 21(2):479-93. PMID: 19234085; PMCID: PMC2660635.
    20. Demidchik V, Shang Z, Shin R, Thompson E, Rubio L, Laohavisit A, Mortimer J, Chivasa S, Slabas AR, Glover BJ, Schachtman DP, Shabala SN, Davies JM. Plant extracellular ATP signalling by plasma membrane NADPH oxidase and Ca2+ channels. Plant J. 2009 Jun; 58(6):903-13. PMID: 19220789.
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    21. Mortimer J, Laohavisit A, Miedema H, Davies JM. Voltage, reactive oxygen species and the influx of calcium. Plant Signal Behav. 2008 Sep; 3(9):698-9. PMID: 19704832; PMCID: PMC2634563.
    22. Macpherson N, Takeda S, Shang Z, Dark A, Mortimer J, Brownlee C, Dolan L, Davies JM. NADPH oxidase involvement in cellular integrity. Planta. 2008 May; 227(6):1415-8. PMID: 18317797.
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    23. Mortimer J, Laohavisit A, Macpherson N, Webb A, Brownlee C, Battey NH, Davies JM. Annexins: multifunctional components of growth and adaptation. J Exp Bot. 2008; 59(3):533-44. PMID: 18267940.
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