Butland, Gareth

TitleBiochemist Staff Sci/Engr
InstitutionLawrence Berkeley National Lab
DepartmentEnviron Genomics & Systems Bio
Address1 Cyclotron Road
Berkeley CA 94720
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    Novel components of iron sulfur cluster biosynthesis pathways
    NIH/NIGMS R01GM088196May 1, 2010 - Apr 30, 2015
    Role: Principal Investigator

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    1. De León KB, Zane GM, Trotter VV, Krantz GP, Arkin AP, Butland G, Walian PJ, Fields MW, Wall JD. Unintended Laboratory-Driven Evolution Reveals Genetic Requirements for Biofilm Formation by Desulfovibrio vulgaris Hildenborough. MBio. 2017 Oct 17; 8(5). PMID: 29042504.
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    2. Shatsky M, Dong M, Liu H, Yang LL, Choi M, Singer ME, Geller JT, Fisher SJ, Hall SC, Hazen TC, Brenner SE, Butland G, Jin J, Witkowska HE, Chandonia JM, Biggin MD. Quantitative Tagless Copurification: A Method to Validate and Identify Protein-Protein Interactions. Mol Cell Proteomics. 2016 06; 15(6):2186-202. PMID: 27099342.
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    3. Shatsky M, Allen S, Gold BL, Liu NL, Juba TR, Reveco SA, Elias DA, Prathapam R, He J, Yang W, Szakal ED, Liu H, Singer ME, Geller JT, Lam BR, Saini A, Trotter VV, Hall SC, Fisher SJ, Brenner SE, Chhabra SR, Hazen TC, Wall JD, Witkowska HE, Biggin MD, Chandonia JM, Butland G. Bacterial Interactomes: Interacting Protein Partners Share Similar Function and Are Validated in Independent Assays More Frequently Than Previously Reported. Mol Cell Proteomics. 2016 05; 15(5):1539-55. PMID: 26873250; PMCID: PMC4858938 [Available on 05/01/17].
    4. Wetmore KM, Price MN, Waters RJ, Lamson JS, He J, Hoover CA, Blow MJ, Bristow J, Butland G, Arkin AP, Deutschbauer A. Rapid quantification of mutant fitness in diverse bacteria by sequencing randomly bar-coded transposons. MBio. 2015 May 12; 6(3):e00306-15. PMID: 25968644; PMCID: PMC4436071.
    5. Korte HL, Saini A, Trotter VV, Butland G, Arkin AP, Wall JD. Independence of nitrate and nitrite inhibition of Desulfovibrio vulgaris Hildenborough and use of nitrite as a substrate for growth. Environ Sci Technol. 2015 Jan 20; 49(2):924-31. PMID: 25534748.
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    6. Boutigny S, Saini A, Baidoo EE, Yeung N, Keasling JD, Butland G. Physical and functional interactions of a monothiol glutaredoxin and an iron sulfur cluster carrier protein with the sulfur-donating radical S-adenosyl-L-methionine enzyme MiaB. J Biol Chem. 2013 May 17; 288(20):14200-11. PMID: 23543739; PMCID: PMC3656276.
    7. Yeung N, Gold B, Liu NL, Prathapam R, Sterling HJ, Willams ER, Butland G. The E. coli monothiol glutaredoxin GrxD forms homodimeric and heterodimeric FeS cluster containing complexes. Biochemistry. 2011 Oct 18; 50(41):8957-69. PMID: 21899261; PMCID: PMC3236052.
    8. Chhabra SR, Butland G, Elias DA, Chandonia JM, Fok OY, Juba TR, Gorur A, Allen S, Leung CM, Keller KL, Reveco S, Zane GM, Semkiw E, Prathapam R, Gold B, Singer M, Ouellet M, Szakal ED, Jorgens D, Price MN, Witkowska HE, Beller HR, Arkin AP, Hazen TC, Biggin MD, Auer M, Wall JD, Keasling JD. Generalized schemes for high-throughput manipulation of the Desulfovibrio vulgaris genome. Appl Environ Microbiol. 2011 Nov; 77(21):7595-604. PMID: 21908633; PMCID: PMC3209177.
    9. Jessulat M, Buist T, Alamgir M, Hooshyar M, Xu J, Aoki H, Ganoza MC, Butland G, Golshani A. In vivo investigation of protein-protein interactions for helicases using tandem affinity purification. Methods Mol Biol. 2010; 587:99-111. PMID: 20225144.
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    10. Babu M, Musso G, Díaz-Mejía JJ, Butland G, Greenblatt JF, Emili A. Systems-level approaches for identifying and analyzing genetic interaction networks in Escherichia coli and extensions to other prokaryotes. Mol Biosyst. 2009 Dec; 5(12):1439-55. PMID: 19763343.
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    11. Hu P, Janga SC, Babu M, Díaz-Mejía JJ, Butland G, Yang W, Pogoutse O, Guo X, Phanse S, Wong P, Chandran S, Christopoulos C, Nazarians-Armavil A, Nasseri NK, Musso G, Ali M, Nazemof N, Eroukova V, Golshani A, Paccanaro A, Greenblatt JF, Moreno-Hagelsieb G, Emili A. Global functional atlas of Escherichia coli encompassing previously uncharacterized proteins. PLoS Biol. 2009 Apr 28; 7(4):e96. PMID: 19402753; PMCID: PMC2672614.
    12. Handford JI, Ize B, Buchanan G, Butland G, Greenblatt J, Emili A, Palmer T. Conserved network of proteins essential for bacterial viability. J Bacteriol. 2009 Aug; 191(15):4732-49. PMID: 19376873; PMCID: PMC2715707.
    13. Babu M, Butland G, Pogoutse O, Li J, Greenblatt JF, Emili A. Sequential peptide affinity purification system for the systematic isolation and identification of protein complexes from Escherichia coli. Methods Mol Biol. 2009; 564:373-400. PMID: 19544035.
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    14. Butland G, Babu M, Díaz-Mejía JJ, Bohdana F, Phanse S, Gold B, Yang W, Li J, Gagarinova AG, Pogoutse O, Mori H, Wanner BL, Lo H, Wasniewski J, Christopolous C, Ali M, Venn P, Safavi-Naini A, Sourour N, Caron S, Choi JY, Laigle L, Nazarians-Armavil A, Deshpande A, Joe S, Datsenko KA, Yamamoto N, Andrews BJ, Boone C, Ding H, Sheikh B, Moreno-Hagelseib G, Greenblatt JF, Emili A. eSGA: E. coli synthetic genetic array analysis. Nat Methods. 2008 Sep; 5(9):789-95. PMID: 18677321.
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    15. Lüke I, Butland G, Moore K, Buchanan G, Lyall V, Fairhurst SA, Greenblatt JF, Emili A, Palmer T, Sargent F. Biosynthesis of the respiratory formate dehydrogenases from Escherichia coli: characterization of the FdhE protein. Arch Microbiol. 2008 Dec; 190(6):685-96. PMID: 18716757.
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    16. Su C, Peregrin-Alvarez JM, Butland G, Phanse S, Fong V, Emili A, Parkinson J. Bacteriome.org--an integrated protein interaction database for E. coli. Nucleic Acids Res. 2008 Jan; 36(Database issue):D632-6. PMID: 17942431; PMCID: PMC2238847.
    17. Butland G, Krogan NJ, Xu J, Yang WH, Aoki H, Li JS, Krogan N, Menendez J, Cagney G, Kiani GC, Jessulat MG, Datta N, Ivanov I, Abouhaidar MG, Emili A, Greenblatt J, Ganoza MC, Golshani A. Investigating the in vivo activity of the DeaD protein using protein-protein interactions and the translational activity of structured chloramphenicol acetyltransferase mRNAs. J Cell Biochem. 2007 Feb 15; 100(3):642-52. PMID: 16983699.
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    18. Thorndycroft FH, Butland G, Richardson DJ, Watmough NJ. A new assay for nitric oxide reductase reveals two conserved glutamate residues form the entrance to a proton-conducting channel in the bacterial enzyme. Biochem J. 2007 Jan 01; 401(1):111-9. PMID: 16961460; PMCID: PMC1698692.
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    20. Butland G, Zhang JW, Yang W, Sheung A, Wong P, Greenblatt JF, Emili A, Zamble DB. Interactions of the Escherichia coli hydrogenase biosynthetic proteins: HybG complex formation. FEBS Lett. 2006 Jan 23; 580(2):677-81. PMID: 16412426.
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    21. Snider J, Gutsche I, Lin M, Baby S, Cox B, Butland G, Greenblatt J, Emili A, Houry WA. Formation of a distinctive complex between the inducible bacterial lysine decarboxylase and a novel AAA+ ATPase. J Biol Chem. 2006 Jan 20; 281(3):1532-46. PMID: 16301313.
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    22. Butland G, Peregrín-Alvarez JM, Li J, Yang W, Yang X, Canadien V, Starostine A, Richards D, Beattie B, Krogan N, Davey M, Parkinson J, Greenblatt J, Emili A. Interaction network containing conserved and essential protein complexes in Escherichia coli. Nature. 2005 Feb 03; 433(7025):531-7. PMID: 15690043.
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    23. Zhang JW, Butland G, Greenblatt JF, Emili A, Zamble DB. A role for SlyD in the Escherichia coli hydrogenase biosynthetic pathway. J Biol Chem. 2005 Feb 11; 280(6):4360-6. PMID: 15569666.
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    24. Zeghouf M, Li J, Butland G, Borkowska A, Canadien V, Richards D, Beattie B, Emili A, Greenblatt JF. Sequential Peptide Affinity (SPA) system for the identification of mammalian and bacterial protein complexes. J Proteome Res. 2004 May-Jun; 3(3):463-8. PMID: 15253427.
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    25. Butland G, Spiro S, Watmough NJ, Richardson DJ. Two conserved glutamates in the bacterial nitric oxide reductase are essential for activity but not assembly of the enzyme. J Bacteriol. 2001 Jan; 183(1):189-99. PMID: 11114916; PMCID: PMC94865.
    26. Grönberg KL, Roldán MD, Prior L, Butland G, Cheesman MR, Richardson DJ, Spiro S, Thomson AJ, Watmough NJ. A low-redox potential heme in the dinuclear center of bacterial nitric oxide reductase: implications for the evolution of energy-conserving heme-copper oxidases. Biochemistry. 1999 Oct 19; 38(42):13780-6. PMID: 10529222.
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    27. Watmough NJ, Butland G, Cheesman MR, Moir JW, Richardson DJ, Spiro S. Nitric oxide in bacteria: synthesis and consumption. Biochim Biophys Acta. 1999 May 05; 1411(2-3):456-74. PMID: 10320675.
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