McMurray, Cynthia

TitleBiochemist Senior Sci/Engr
InstitutionLawrence Berkeley National Lab
DepartmentMolecular Biophys & Integ Bio
Address1 Cyclotron Road
Berkeley CA 94720
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    SPOT-CHECK: capture of site-specific complexes in vivo
    NIH/NINDS R21NS105158Jun 1, 2018 - May 31, 2020
    Role: Principal Investigator
    DNA Expansion and Mismatch Repair
    NIH/NIGMS R01GM119161Aug 1, 2017 - Jul 31, 2021
    Role: Principal Investigator
    Metabolic markers for mitochondrial function
    NIH/NIEHS R01ES020766Sep 20, 2011 - Jun 30, 2016
    Role: Principal Investigator
    MT Function and Dysfunction in Single Neurons in Vivo
    NIH/NINDS RC1NS069177Sep 30, 2009 - Aug 31, 2012
    Role: Principal Investigator
    Age of Onset and Huntingtons Disease
    NIH/NINDS R01NS062384Sep 1, 2009 - Aug 31, 2012
    Role: Principal Investigator
    NIH/NIA R13AG032750Jun 15, 2008 - May 31, 2009
    Role: Principal Investigator
    Chemical Fingerprinting
    NIH/NINDS R01NS060115Jul 1, 2007 - May 31, 2019
    Role: Principal Investigator
    Asilomar Chromatin and Chromosomes Conference
    NIH/NCI R13CA119824Sep 15, 2005 - Aug 31, 2007
    Role: Principal Investigator
    Mismatch Repair and DNA expansion
    NIH/NIGMS R01GM066359Apr 1, 2004 - Mar 31, 2013
    Role: Principal Investigator
    Trafficking Defects in Huntingtons Disease
    NIH/NINDS R01NS040738Apr 1, 2001 - Jul 31, 2011
    Role: Principal Investigator
    NIH/NIMH R01MH056207Jul 1, 1998 - Jun 30, 2002
    Role: Principal Investigator
    NIH/NIDDK R01DK046394Jun 1, 1995 - May 31, 1999
    Role: Principal Investigator
    NIH/NINDS F32NS008204Oct 21, 1987
    Role: Principal Investigator

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    1. Polyzos AA, Wood NI, Williams P, Wipf P, Morton AJ, McMurray C. XJB-5-131-mediated improvement in physiology and behaviour of the R6/2 mouse model of Huntington's disease is age- and sex- dependent. PLoS One. 2018; 13(4):e0194580. PMID: 29630611.
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    2. Polyzos AA, McMurray C. Close encounters: Moving along bumps, breaks, and bubbles on expanded trinucleotide tracts. DNA Repair (Amst). 2017 08; 56:144-155. PMID: 28690053.
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    3. Polyzos AA, McMurray C. The chicken or the egg: mitochondrial dysfunction as a cause or consequence of toxicity in Huntington's disease. Mech Ageing Dev. 2017 01; 161(Pt A):181-197. PMID: 27634555.
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    4. Lai Y, Budworth H, Beaver JM, Chan NL, Zhang Z, McMurray C, Liu Y. Crosstalk between MSH2-MSH3 and polß promotes trinucleotide repeat expansion during base excision repair. Nat Commun. 2016 Aug 22; 7:12465. PMID: 27546332; PMCID: PMC4996945.
    5. Polyzos A, Holt A, Brown C, Cosme C, Wipf P, Gomez-Marin A, Castro MR, Ayala-Peña S, McMurray C. Mitochondrial targeting of XJB-5-131 attenuates or improves pathophysiology in HdhQ150 animals with well-developed disease phenotypes. Hum Mol Genet. 2016 05 01; 25(9):1792-802. PMID: 26908614.
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    6. Budworth H, McMurray C. Problems and solutions for the analysis of somatic CAG repeat expansion and their relationship to Huntington's disease toxicity. Rare Dis. 2016; 4(1):e1131885. PMID: 27141411; PMCID: PMC4838321.
    7. Budworth H, Harris FR, Williams P, Lee DY, Holt A, Pahnke J, Szczesny B, Acevedo-Torres K, Ayala-Peña S, McMurray C. Suppression of Somatic Expansion Delays the Onset of Pathophysiology in a Mouse Model of Huntington's Disease. PLoS Genet. 2015 Aug; 11(8):e1005267. PMID: 26247199; PMCID: PMC4527696.
    8. McMurray C, Vijg J. Editorial overview: Molecular and genetic bases of disease: the double life of DNA. Curr Opin Genet Dev. 2014 Jun; 26:v-vii. PMID: 25282314; PMCID: PMC4445144.
    9. Lee DY, McMurray C. Trinucleotide expansion in disease: why is there a length threshold? Curr Opin Genet Dev. 2014 Jun; 26:131-40. PMID: 25282113; PMCID: PMC4252851.
    10. Trushina E, Canaria CA, Lee DY, McMurray C. Loss of caveolin-1 expression in knock-in mouse model of Huntington's disease suppresses pathophysiology in vivo. Hum Mol Genet. 2014 Jan 01; 23(1):129-44. PMID: 24021477; PMCID: PMC3857950.
    11. Lee DY, Xun Z, Platt V, Budworth H, Canaria CA, McMurray C. Distinct pools of non-glycolytic substrates differentiate brain regions and prime region-specific responses of mitochondria. PLoS One. 2013; 8(7):e68831. PMID: 23874783; PMCID: PMC3714274.
    12. Hura GL, Budworth H, Dyer KN, Rambo RP, Hammel M, McMurray C, Tainer JA. Comprehensive macromolecular conformations mapped by quantitative SAXS analyses. Nat Methods. 2013 Jun; 10(6):453-4. PMID: 23624664; PMCID: PMC3728378.
    13. Budworth H, McMurray C. Bidirectional transcription of trinucleotide repeats: roles for excision repair. DNA Repair (Amst). 2013 Aug; 12(8):672-84. PMID: 23669397; PMCID: PMC3720788.
    14. Budworth H, McMurray C. A brief history of triplet repeat diseases. Methods Mol Biol. 2013; 1010:3-17. PMID: 23754215; PMCID: PMC3913379.
    15. Platt V, Lee DY, Canaria CA, Frankel K, Bernstein S, McMurray C. Towards understanding region-specificity of triplet repeat diseases: coupled immunohistology and mass spectrometry imaging. Methods Mol Biol. 2013; 1010:213-30. PMID: 23754228.
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    16. Dalhus B, Nilsen L, Korvald H, Huffman J, Forstrøm RJ, McMurray C, Alseth I, Tainer JA, Bjørås M. Sculpting of DNA at abasic sites by DNA glycosylase homolog mag2. Structure. 2013 Jan 08; 21(1):154-166. PMID: 23245849; PMCID: PMC3545110.
    17. Xun Z, Rivera-Sánchez S, Ayala-Peña S, Lim J, Budworth H, Skoda EM, Robbins PD, Niedernhofer LJ, Wipf P, McMurray C. Targeting of XJB-5-131 to mitochondria suppresses oxidative DNA damage and motor decline in a mouse model of Huntington's disease. Cell Rep. 2012 Nov 29; 2(5):1137-42. PMID: 23122961; PMCID: PMC3513647.
    18. Lee DY, Platt V, Bowen B, Louie K, Canaria CA, McMurray C, Northen T. Resolving brain regions using nanostructure initiator mass spectrometry imaging of phospholipids. Integr Biol (Camb). 2012 Jun; 4(6):693-9. PMID: 22543711; PMCID: PMC3698601.
    19. Xun Z, Lee DY, Lim J, Canaria CA, Barnebey A, Yanonne SM, McMurray C. Retinoic acid-induced differentiation increases the rate of oxygen consumption and enhances the spare respiratory capacity of mitochondria in SH-SY5Y cells. Mech Ageing Dev. 2012 Apr; 133(4):176-85. PMID: 22336883; PMCID: PMC3357086.
    20. Majka J, Alford B, Ausio J, Finn RM, McMurray C. ATP hydrolysis by RAD50 protein switches MRE11 enzyme from endonuclease to exonuclease. J Biol Chem. 2012 Jan 20; 287(4):2328-41. PMID: 22102415; PMCID: PMC3268395.
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    22. Kovtun IV, Johnson KO, McMurray C. Cockayne syndrome B protein antagonizes OGG1 in modulating CAG repeat length in vivo. Aging (Albany NY). 2011 May; 3(5):509-14. PMID: 21566259; PMCID: PMC3156601.
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    25. Trushina E, Rana S, McMurray C, Hua DH. Tricyclic pyrone compounds prevent aggregation and reverse cellular phenotypes caused by expression of mutant huntingtin protein in striatal neurons. BMC Neurosci. 2009 Jul 08; 10:73. PMID: 19586540; PMCID: PMC2719645.
    26. Owen BA, H Lang W, McMurray C. The nucleotide binding dynamics of human MSH2-MSH3 are lesion dependent. Nat Struct Mol Biol. 2009 May; 16(5):550-7. PMID: 19377479; PMCID: PMC2982795.
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    28. McMurray C. Hijacking of the mismatch repair system to cause CAG expansion and cell death in neurodegenerative disease. DNA Repair (Amst). 2008 Jul 01; 7(7):1121-34. PMID: 18472310; PMCID: PMC3215281.
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    33. Trushina E, Singh RD, Dyer RB, Cao S, Shah VH, Parton RG, Pagano RE, McMurray C. Mutant huntingtin inhibits clathrin-independent endocytosis and causes accumulation of cholesterol in vitro and in vivo. Hum Mol Genet. 2006 Dec 15; 15(24):3578-91. PMID: 17142251.
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      View in: PubMed
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      View in: PubMed
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      View in: PubMed
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      View in: PubMed
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      View in: PubMed
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      View in: PubMed
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    48. Johnson-Pais TL, Singer FR, Bone HG, McMurray C, Hansen MF, Leach RJ. Identification of a novel tandem duplication in exon 1 of the TNFRSF11A gene in two unrelated patients with familial expansile osteolysis. J Bone Miner Res. 2003 Feb; 18(2):376-80. PMID: 12568416.
      View in: PubMed
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      View in: PubMed
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      View in: PubMed
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