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    Murphy, Sean

    TitleScientific Engr Assoc
    SchoolLawrence Berkeley National Lab
    DepartmentEnergy Analysis Env Impacts
    Address1 Cyclotron Road
    Berkeley CA 94720
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      1. Singh TP, Weinstein JR, Murphy S. Stroke: Basic and Clinical. Adv Neurobiol. 2017; 15:281-293. PMID: 28674985.
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      6. Lee RJ, Kim JK, Chao D, Kuo L, Mally A, McClean ME, Pemberton HE, Wilmington AR, Wong J, Murphy S. Progesterone and allopregnanolone improves stroke outcome in male mice via distinct mechanisms but neither promotes neurogenesis. J Neurochem. 2015 Jan; 132(1):32-7. PMID: 25376903; PMCID: PMC4270875.
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      15. Murphy S, Totten MK. Transformation and the governance agenda: keeping your board on track. Trustee. 2012 Nov-Dec; 65(10):Suppl 15-8. PMID: 23259225.
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      16. Savova GK, Olson JE, Murphy S, Cafourek VL, Couch FJ, Goetz MP, Ingle JN, Suman VJ, Chute CG, Weinshilboum RM. Automated discovery of drug treatment patterns for endocrine therapy of breast cancer within an electronic medical record. J Am Med Inform Assoc. 2012 Jun; 19(e1):e83-9. PMID: 22140207; PMCID: PMC3392847.
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