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    Matlis, Nicholas

    TitlePhysicist Research Sci/Engr
    SchoolLawrence Berkeley National Lab
    DepartmentAccelerator & Fusion Research
    Address1 Cyclotron Road
    Berkeley CA 94720

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      1. van Tilborg J, Steinke S, Geddes CG, Matlis NH, Shaw BH, Gonsalves AJ, Huijts JV, Nakamura K, Daniels J, Schroeder CB, Benedetti C, Esarey E, Bulanov SS, Bobrova NA, Sasorov PV, Leemans WP. Active Plasma Lensing for Relativistic Laser-Plasma-Accelerated Electron Beams. Phys Rev Lett. 2015 Oct 30; 115(18):184802.
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      2. Roberts AD, Geddes CG, Matlis N, Nakamura K, O'Neil JP, Shaw BH, Steinke S, van Tilborg J, Leemans WP. Measured bremsstrahlung photonuclear production of (99)Mo ((99m)Tc) with 34MeV to 1.7GeV electrons. Appl Radiat Isot. 2015 Feb; 96:122-8.
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      3. Plateau GR, Geddes CG, Thorn DB, Chen M, Benedetti C, Esarey E, Gonsalves AJ, Matlis NH, Nakamura K, Schroeder CB, Shiraishi S, Sokollik T, van Tilborg J, Toth C, Trotsenko S, Kim TS, Battaglia M, Stöhlker T, Leemans WP. Low-emittance electron bunches from a laser-plasma accelerator measured using single-shot x-ray spectroscopy. Phys Rev Lett. 2012 Aug 10; 109(6):064802.
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      4. Lin C, van Tilborg J, Nakamura K, Gonsalves AJ, Matlis NH, Sokollik T, Shiraishi S, Osterhoff J, Benedetti C, Schroeder CB, Tóth C, Esarey E, Leemans WP. Long-range persistence of femtosecond modulations on laser-plasma-accelerated electron beams. Phys Rev Lett. 2012 Mar 2; 108(9):094801.
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      5. Matlis NH, Axley A, Leemans WP. Single-shot ultrafast tomographic imaging by spectral multiplexing. Nat Commun. 2012; 3:1111.
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      6. van Tilborg J, Bakker DJ, Matlis NH, Leemans WP. Spectral sidebands on a narrow-bandwidth optical probe as a broad-bandwidth THz pulse diagnostic. Opt Express. 2011 Dec 19; 19(27):26634-44.
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      7. Thorn DB, Geddes CG, Matlis NH, Plateau GR, Esarey EH, Battaglia M, Schroeder CB, Shiraishi S, Stöhlker T, Tóth C, Leemans WP. Spectroscopy of betatron radiation emitted from laser-produced wakefield accelerated electrons. Rev Sci Instrum. 2010 Oct; 81(10):10E325.
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      8. Dong P, Reed SA, Yi SA, Kalmykov S, Shvets G, Downer MC, Matlis NH, Leemans WP, McGuffey C, Bulanov SS, Chvykov V, Kalintchenko G, Krushelnick K, Maksimchuk A, Matsuoka T, Thomas AG, Yanovsky V. Formation of optical bullets in laser-driven plasma bubble accelerators. Phys Rev Lett. 2010 Apr 2; 104(13):134801.
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      9. Plateau GR, Matlis NH, Geddes CG, Gonsalves AJ, Shiraishi S, Lin C, van Mourik RA, Leemans WP. Wavefront-sensor-based electron density measurements for laser-plasma accelerators. Rev Sci Instrum. 2010 Mar; 81(3):033108.
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      10. van Tilborg J, Tóth C, Matlis NH, Plateau GR, Leemans WP. Single-shot measurement of the spectral envelope of broad-bandwidth terahertz pulses from femtosecond electron bunches. Opt Lett. 2008 Jun 1; 33(11):1186-8.
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      11. Figliozzi P, Sun L, Jiang Y, Matlis N, Mattern B, Downer MC, Withrow SP, White CW, Mochán WL, Mendoza BS. Single-beam and enhanced two-beam second-harmonic generation from silicon nanocrystals by use of spatially inhomogeneous femtosecond pulses. Phys Rev Lett. 2005 Feb 4; 94(4):047401.
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      12. Le Blanc SP, Gaul EW, Matlis NH, Rundquist A, Downer MC. Single-shot measurement of temporal phase shifts by frequency-domain holography. Opt Lett. 2000 May 15; 25(10):764-6.
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